The ALTISSIMO collection consists of two different types of collars

-    the shirt-blouse collars (5 models)
-    the chokers, called „VM“ (German: Vatermörderkragen)- 2 models

We deliver the collars in every height requested. The standard height is 7cm = 2.75 inch.
The shirt-blouse collar is available with either rounded (Model “RONDE”) or pointed collar tips.

YOU decide the length of the collar tips :
Standard:       Model CORTO 11cm = 4.3 inch
                     Model MEDIO  14 cm = 5.5 inch
                     Model LUNGO 18 cm = 7.1 inch
                     Model GRANDE 22 cm = 8.6 inch

The separate collar stand, which is one part of the shirt-blouse collar assembly, is available in heights from 5cm = 2inch to 7cm = 2.75 inch.




The ALTISSIMO Variations

ALTISSIMO provides you with an opportunity to vary your blouses/ shirts in multiple ways.

First of all you can combine them with several collar models and different collar stands. YOUR wishes and YOUR neck measurements determine the design and the height of the collar.

By using different kinds of fabric styles you can also create interesting colour contrasts and patterns.

Last but not least you can add your personal touch with such as elegant buttons on the separate collar stands or accessories such as brooches, needles, ties etc.