You like buttoned-up shirts or blouses with an eye-catching high collar for special occasions?
Find the unique interpretation of this up-to-date fashion trend exclusively at ALTISSIMO. This is a collection of extravagant high or flamboyant long collars for your shirt, blouse or garment.
The main advantage of ALTISSIMO collars is that they are convertible. You can fix them to different blouses, shirts and garments with velcro or wear them separately.

The system is suitable for many applications. Choose from different collar models.
Please click on the pictures and see for yourself!

We also provide your individual solutions for special requirements.

The complex manufacturing method and materials used guarantee the shape and stiffness of the collars - even after washing. Therefore a well and crease-resistant fit is always guaranteed.

The ALTISSIMO- collar collection will be distributed exclusively by  us.

Of course it would be best to see and try on the collars in our studio!


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