The application of the two-part ALTISSIMO-collar system is very simple.

And here is how it is done:

Picture 1
You prepare your blouse/shirt by sewing or glueing velcro on the collar stand of your blouse/shirt.

Picture 2
The separate ALTISSIMO collar stand (here with 4-button-appliqué) is attached on to the collar stand of your blouse /shirt by velcro.

Picture 3 and 4
The ALTISSIMO-collar is attached on to the separate ALTISSIMO-collar-stand by velcro.

Picture 5-9
As an alternative to the standard ALTISSIMO- collar stand we offer an ALTISSIMO collar stand “Special“, which is put around the neck and fixed to the nape by velcro. It allows the wearing of the collar without a prepared blouse/ shirt, e.g. with a dress, jumper or separately.

Picture 10-14
For the „VM“-collars the ALTISSIMO collar stand is not needed, but you should cover the split with a decoration band or tie.


Picture 1